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wordpress htmlThe photo shop design that are heavy and which are in layers is called psd files. Nowadays, web portals uses HTML or XHTML instead of psd files as these are more business friendly than earlier psd files. So converting psd into HTML or XHTML is very much in trend in today’s ever changing world of technology. HTML is the short form of hyper text markup language. Converting psd to HTML or XHTML is very common and easy thing to do in today’s techno savvy world of advance computer programs. To make a well developed website, a psd based website needs to be coded and converted into HTML or XHTML format according to your needs and convenience. Changing it is very useful, as it adds life to a web layout and makes it more attractive; it also helps to gain attention of the visitors.

There are many online tutorials that teach you how to convert psd into HTML or convert psd into XHTML; however, hiring a professional web developer is a good option. Converting psd into HTML or XHTML is very useful as it creates a highly semantic, cross browser compatible and W3C formalize website. Conversion needs loads of professional as well as technical skills along with ample awareness about World Wide Web consortium (W3C) standards. There are many service providers who do this thing for their clients at very affordable price. A professional web developer is needed to do the conversion. They give services of changing any format of image to HTML/XHTML/wordpress. If you are planning to launch a website for your business use or for personal use, for that matter these types of services are very helpful. These sites convert your psd file into high quality hand coded HTML/XHTML/wordpress without doing any changes in your designs.

To get a high optimized web portal, psd to HTML conversion is regarded as a best option. To attract potential customers towards your website, a well designed web portal can help a lot actually. You need to select a very good professional web designer to do the job for you and then making your web portal attractive to customers will never be a tough job. In the year 2000, extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) came into picture and became very popular among web site designers and customers alike since then.

After converting psd to XHTML integration, PSD based image looks much superior than the psd one. Also, if one requires a perfect design and fast & reliable coding to enhance one’s web portal, psd to wordpress can be of very big help. WordPress is very popular as a high-tech blog publishing platform, and it is considered as a best option for custom WordPress blog theme customization as it is very easy to install and upgrade. Converting psd to wordpress theme is also very useful for your web portal. Its W3C standards make it the best option over all the other web applications.

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  1. Thank you for your useful and well-written article. WordPress is the ideal platform for beginners and designers alike, offering a powerful search engine friendly platform to work with.
    These PSD tips you offer are ideal for anyone looking to make there own ‘shiny’ work with WordPress – thank you again!