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Debt Relief has been implemented by many debt consolidation companies as a means to help homeowners settle their outstanding debts as well as for credit card debtors to reduce their total payables. The program has just been provided the needed assistance to citizens who are caught in a not-so-favorable state of financial health.

The Credit Card Debt Management on the other hand is a debt reduction measure made by agency, as a means for people who can’t deal with the debt which are in fact already higher than the actual market value of their respective properties. By writing down the principal amount of the loan, homeowners will be able to enjoy a higher equity on their property, allowing them to settle their debt more effectively.

More and more consumers have become dependent on credit cards moreover, and this has led many of citizens to be burrowed deep in credit card debt. The Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act have been implemented by the federal government as a way to protect the rights of consumers who use credit cards regularly. This act protects the card holders against sudden spikes in interest rates, often done by some credit card companies.

You can find more about these government sponsored debt management online, through various websites that give you the needed information, such as list of services, requirements and others. A good and reliable company will also be able to dispense the needed debt counseling and advice, so you can make smart financial decisions on your own. You need to remember however that the National Debt Relief Initiative is not created to achieve credit card debt settlement. It is a program designed to help you get your finances back on track, at the soonest time possible.

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