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Ex-Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz and Other Two Faces Death SentenceFormer Iraq Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz is all set to face his worst part of his life as he would be facing his death very soon for killing the party members of Shiite Dawa along with the leader Sadam Hussein. The Iraqi Supreme Court on Tuesday made the verdict of death sentence to the Ex- Foreign minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Tariq Aziz. Moreover other two other have also been given death sentence for helping Aziz, regarding the case of killing several religious parties. Court has ordered to kill the political leader by hanging to death and however it is still unclear when the sentence would be executed over him.
Hussein who was hanged to death in 2006, three years after the downfall of Iraq under the hands of Mighty US led coalition.

However for Aziz it is not a new verdict as he was already facing 15 years for the felony against the humankind as well as seven years for ill-treatment against Kurds in Northern Iraq. Aziz who was much silent soon after being trapped in the hands of US in 2003 said that the only major fault he did was that he was much loyal to his leader Hussein. He also added that he did’t had any sort of wrong thoughts or personal clash with removal and ill-treatment associated with Hussein regime.

The other two who were sentenced were ex interior Minister Sadoun Shakir and Ex- Personal Assistant of dictator Abed Hamound. According to the latest report it seems Aziz is in much critical situation in hospital after suffering a stroke.

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