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Haiti Authorities Urges Haitians To Evacuate as Hurricane Tomas roars over CaribbeanOfficials on Sunday made an urgent announcement over to the thousands of Haitians how are staying in the temporary camps to evacuate to new location as the symptoms of Hurricane Tomas seems to be potentially threatening on its projected path as it could lead to great damages. However Hurricane modestly weakened to level 1 storm after making all sort of damages all through the houses in its way in eastern Caribbean Islands. Meanwhile authorities of the U.S. National Hurricane Center have warned that Hurricane could sustain its strength till Monday.

Weather forecaster said that Tomas could further strengthen its wings and could reach level 3 or 4 when it gets passes south of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where there are tons of affected people of massive of Jan 12th are residing in the country in temporary camps.

According to the reports from Miami- based center said that tremor Hurricane Tomas, the much active has been blowing at a speed of 90 miles/hour. In Haiti all the social aid workers and government are working a lot to overcome high potential cholera disease which has already killed nearly 330 people and worsening the health condition to nearly 4,700 people. As Hurricane is heading towards them much closer official requested the people who are being in the temporary tents to start moving to travel to their homes of friends and relatives until the condition gets down.

The hurricane blowed out even thing in its path in St. Lucia and St. Vincent on Saturday, demolishing homes, knocking out power and blocking roads with flooding and debris. However there is no immediate information regarding the death and damages caused by it.

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  1. Yeah, honestly, this is becoming a real sensitive issue. I’m really scared on what could happen next.

  2. I’m sorry for the events in Haiti. I hope to mend everything.

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    This scared me when it first started, but at least now, everything is O.K. Thanks for the article BTW.