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There are different types of home heating & cooling systems available in market. Some different home heating systems are Gas furnaces, boilers, clean air and tankless water heaters and some home cooling systems are air conditioners, heat pumps and clean air. All these systems have some advantages and disadvantages. So here is the quick review of these systems.

Boilers: Boiler is used to produce hot water or steam with the help of fuels like oil, electricity, propane or natural gas. Hot water boilers are compact, small, energy efficient and need low maintenance.

Gas furnace: It is a heating device. It takes cold air from your home, cleans it with air filter and then heats the air with a gas burner. This warm air gets distribute in your home ductwork with the help of blower motor.

Tankless water heaters: These are also called as instantaneous water heaters as water gets heated instantly as it flows through the device. These heaters do not store water internally. Some advantages of these heaters are energy saving and continuous flow of hot water. So these tankless water heaters are getting popular these days.

Heat pump: Heat pumps are used for cooling purpose and some examples are refrigerator, air conditioners and freezers. Heat pump is a machine that moves heat from the location at lower temperature to another location of higher temperature using mechanical work.

Air conditioner: It is a system which is used to stabilize the temperature and humidity of an area using a refrigeration cycle. So, above are some heating and cooling products that are very commonly used in homes.

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