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Trim is universally used to design walls and ceilings but it can also be used to hide joints, gaps and any other defect in surface. It is now becoming a design statement and people are using it to make their walls, doors and windows look good. This molding makes angle of 45 degrees with the corners and this will give you angle of 90 degree when two angled cuts get combined. Here are some instructions to do trim molding:

1. First of all measure the length of wall from one corner to other interior corner. Size of trim molding must be greater than length of wall.
2. Now use miter saw blade and place the first end of your molding in front of this blade. Extend it to several inches after end. Then set your blade to 45 degrees in inward direction.
3. Now measure the length of wall from the new cut you have just made. Mark this measurement on upper portion of trim.
4. Now using the new mark, adjust your miter saw blade to 45 degrees in the inward direction and cut it.
5. Then continue this process for all pieces of trim and attach these pieces to your wall with the help of hammer and trim nails.

Different types of trims that you can see in houses are crown molding, baseboards, casing, chair rail, picture rail, etc. So, like this it is easy to make your doors and windows look beautiful with the help of trim molding.

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