How to Grow Miner’s Lettuce- Growing Miner’s Lettuce Seeds and Plants (Claytonia perfoliata)

Miner’s Lettuce, also known as Claytonia perfoliata, Indian lettuce, Spring Beauty or Winter Purslane, is an annual plant which derives from costal and western mountain zones of Northern America from South Alaska and British Columbia to the Central America, yet the most common is within California of Sacramento and north San Joaquin. Miner’s Lettuce is the trailing plant which reaches 45 centimeters long, yet the mature plant could be as tiny as 1 centimeter wide. Its cotyledon is usually brilliant green, narrow, succulent and long.

How to Grow Miner’s Lettuce – Step by step guides to Miner’s Lettuce growing

To understand how to grow Miner’s Lettuce well, track the feasible approaches and each phase as follows: Firstly, find any plot where is fertile, well-drained, sunny and slightly shady for planting Miner’s lettuce. To grow well, Miner’s lettuce requires permanently moist soil with nitrogen, oxygen and pH of at least 4.5 within a cool climate.

Secondly, prepare Miner’s lettuce beds in rows. Each Miner’s lettuce bed is as long as possible with approximately 50 centimeters wide and 11.5 inches apart. Till the beds properly and remove soil clumps, debris, stones, glasses and other waste plastic. Miner's Lettuce Image By poecile05

Thirdly, go and buy the Miner’s seeds at a plant nursery. The planting seeds must be pure, good and qualified. The seeds, which have been kept for long time in storage, can be spoiled some times and expired for planting. Moreover, purchase some manure such as seaweed fertilizers and compost to enrich your seedlings or plants.

Fourthly, use the compost for 1.5 to 3.5 inches to apply upon your seed bed top and plow a 4-inch depth to make the planting soil smooth and firm. Once again, mix the planting soil together with the fertilizers to be saturated and wet them with slight water.

Fifthly, apply 3 or 4 Miner’s lettuce seeds onto the bed for every 0.6 inch apart and bring the soil to cover them for 0.45 inch. Drop 300 seeds over the bed soil for every 13 inches apart.

Sixthly, use water to gently spray on your plants till your seeds start to bolt within 14 days. Thin the plants in rows so that there must be a plant to reach for 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

Seventhly, when your Mine’s lettuce plants grow for 42 days, you can harvest them in need. The plants can be cut at the level next to the soil and its leaves are removed. As a result, how to grow Miner’s Lettuce as described above is so vital for your additional sense so as to boost your family living standard as well as societies.

Miner's Lettuce
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Nutrition or benefits – Why growing Min’s Lettuce

Certainly, if you track the above details on how to grow Miner’s lettuce, you will receive a great deal of benefits from it. Its leaves are so popular to be eaten as raw salads for foods on the ground that its flavor is as delicious as other lettuces.
It is sometimes boiled with fish, meat or pork for soups like spinach. According to botanists’ researches, Miner’s lettuce is comprised of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin group B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K, calcium, protein, beta carotene, and iron in order to support people’s bodies.

Besides, Miner’s lettuce is also invented as remedies to cure some diseases as in Acne, allergies, Asthma, Arthritis, Acne Scars, Appendicitis, Abrasions and so on.



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