How to Grow Napa cabbage- Growing Napa cabbage Seeds and Plants (Brassica rapa Pekinensis group)

Napa cabbage, also called Celery cabbage within Brassica rapa or Pekinensis group, is a Chinese cabbage sort growing nearby the Beijing part of China and is worldwide utilized within East Asian cuisines. Most of the world, Napa cabbage is a vegetable plant believed as the “Chinese cabbage.” Its color is lighter than the cabbage Chinese as in Bok choy. It is at times known as “Chinese leave.” The name “Rapa” is derived from regional and colloquial Japanese country, where the Rapa refers to leaves of the vegetables.

Napa cabbage
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How to Grow Mustard – Step by step guides to Napa cabbage growing
To get knowledge on how to grow Napa cabbage well, follow up the feasible processes and consecutive phases as follows:

Firstly, arrange the planting soil. Utilize a shovel or hoe in order to break the soil. Debris, stones, rocks or soil clumps must be removed. Compost and other manure have to be mixed together with soil in order to make the planting soil nutritious and fertile enough.

Secondly, build a garden bed in row. Find any area where contains full sunlight, slight shade and cool or warm weather. Use your hoe or shovel to create a couple of parallel lines as long as possible for one foot apart. Allow the soil to slide into the inner part to create a mound.

Thirdly, the seeds, which you have bought from any plant nursery, must be planted for 4.5 inches apart into the mounded rows of the garden. Depress each seed for approximately 0.5 inch down and use the soil to spread upon the seeds and garden beds.

Fourthly, when the seeds become seedlings for 3.5 inches high, pull the spoiled seedlings out and leave the healthy plants for around 11 to 17 inches apart in order to stimulate its growth.

Fifthly, use water to spray onto the plants so as to make them permanently humid. If your plants go too hot or dry, they may not bolt well and they at times welt or die.

Sixthly, when the Napa cabbage plants are mature for 12 to 13 inches in distance, you should postpone applying fertilizers or any compost, but you can wet them with slight water in order to make them fresh.

Ultimately, how to grow Napa cabbage as described above is so important for your extra knowledge to stimulate your family’s living standard and garden beauty for viewing in your free time.

Napa cabbage
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Nutrition or benefits – Why growing Napa cabbage

Of course, if you track the above way on how to grow Napa cabbage, you will receive a lot of benefits from it. Its leaves are eaten raw or you can cook or boil it with fish, pork or chicken …etc for foods in need, as well. Moreover, it can be combined with other vegetables or meat to make soups or Napa salads.

Other foods are made of Napa cabbage such as Shrimp Chow, Har Gau, Chinese Noodles with Napa cabbage, Asian Noodle, Napa Cabbage Salad, Napa cabbage Curried Noodles, Napa with Chinese Meatballs, Braised Cabbag, Napa salad, Stir-fried, meatloaves wrapped, Hulled Barl Napa, Suey Choy and so on.

Owing to botanists’ researches, Napa cabbage contains nutrients as in vitamin C, and minerals, for instance, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron no cholesterol, Carbohydrates, protein and fat so as to sustain people’s bodies.

Besides, Napa cabbage can be produced as desserts, for example, Sweet Karoline, petals napa, Melting Wok, Chinese Dumplings, Pot Stickers, Day Desserts, Warm Cinnamon, Royalty Free and so on.