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As a person who loves to shop for new electronics, I’ve noticed a growing trend over the past few years which bothers me more than a little. Each year, the mobile market, for products such as laptops and mobile phones, increase their prices. It is becoming more and more evident that the more technology is advanced in a specific product line and the more features are given to enhance the product, the more expensive it becomes. The point of this article is to bring to your attention the inflation of the mobile market and warn you of what is happening in our world.

In looking at the mobile phone industry, let’s glance back about a decade and see where our phone technology was and the pricing that was in place. Most phones were fashioned as flip phones, with minimal applications and none of the web browsing capabilities we have now. The prices on our cell phones was no more than a hundred dollars or so, right? However, when we look at the retail price of one of the newest phones on the market, such as the Galaxy Tab, the phone costs nearly one thousand dollars. When you look at the Tabs smaller counter parts in the Galaxy family, they don’t cost quite that much, but many of them range from four to six hundred. This technology has been available for quite a few years now, the touch screen and browsing capabilities, why are prices still rising?

To summarize this article into a couple of brief sentences, the mobile markets pricing continues to rise each year, although no major break through has occurred in the technology. I’m concerned that manufacturers will continue to raise their prices, just because they have that ability and people will continue to purchase their products. If you found this article to be informative and would like to check out some of the prices from Samsung, try reading the Samsung Mobile Price List.

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