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Iraq church raid kills almost 52 hostages and 67 injured52 hostages along with several police man dead when al Queda linked groups of gunman turned out violent when the security forces tried to help out to free down the Christian catholic people who have been held inside a Baghdad church on Monday. Church officials said that the cruel attack took place when the al Qaeda- liked group gun man took control of the Our Lady of Salvation Church during the Sunday church where nearly hundreds where gathered for the mass.

Iraq a pure Muslim state and al- Qaeda led grouped has taken responsibility of the Sunday attack claiming that the church was trying to convert Muslims to Christians. Egypt condemned the brutal attack over the Christian people and however Egypt government said that the security has been tightened to great extend around all churches.

Iraqi HR minister Wijdan Michael said that the attack was a terrible attack over the Christians and he also added that the terrorist affiliated group wants Christians to evacuate from Iraq and leave Iraq free of Christians.
According to the government reports it has been said that 52 hostages and police have been killed and nearly 67 people have been injured seriously and have been taken to the hospitals.

Finally security forces took the control over the church killing the gunman to rescue more than 100 hostages.
Security officials said that some of the attackers throwed some explosive vessels during the security raid over to the hostages and police. Many happen to die because of the gunfights which took place for more hours between police and attackers.

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