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GM Stock Closed at $34.19 TodaySometimes at 9:40 am which General Motors stock was at high point at $35.99, people began to suspect that it could reach to even $40 dollars a share. Finally, not as everyone expected, GM stock closed at $34.19 from initial public offering (IPO) price at $33.

It makes people across the web to predict that It might be going high tomorrow, or it should be going down tomorrow. Whatever reason it is, some of the fans express GM has a good business plan and they are sure to make profits and that is why they bought this stock. where some say “People are cray. Spending $34 for GM general motors stock is like idiots who keep on losing money and later filing for bankruptcy.”

People just don’t believe in any automotive company right now, I guess. While our economy is going down and car price is still pushing hard.

Well, it is just all about ideas. Who knows! GM, General Motors maybe a great investment in the future. Feel free to use our comment box to express your idea!

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