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Kai-fu Lee that, microblogging is the trend of social media, and micro-Bo reason to have such influence, mainly due to the following three reasons: first, the birth of microblogging content production costs significantly reduced. web 1.0 era, the content production is a very complicated process, not a few people can do the job, but like news portals have the ability to complete the content into the production and dissemination. In the era after the advent of web 2.0, blog, produce content for many people, spread the message of the channel, but the blog is still one-way dissemination of information.

Until the birth of microblogging, the production of content and information becomes very easy, very fast, only 140 words, but greatly enhance the information dissemination and sharing of influence. Not only that, microblogging, or a real-time information dissemination tools, in particular with the development of mobile Internet, many people can read through the phone to it, and write to it, and compared to web 1.0, web 2.0 age we completed a great revolution. Second, microblogging is a chain of trust based on the “spread of the virus.” Microblogging is similar to the spread of viral, but not as an infinite spread of the virus, but on the basis of trust. Imagine if everyone can produce information, the information will cause the outbreak of a lot of spam and not worthy of broadcast information, and even a harmful, advertising dissemination of information. If everyone around the world The Micro blog without any information chain, of which 99% of the information that is of no value, people will eventually reject the media. The dissemination of information has gone through a very long upgrade process, in this process, the dissemination of information once become very trust. As for the micro-Bo, the only people who can trust an active interest, as the production of micro-blog content while people who should have a corresponding sense of responsibility, which is based on the content distribution chain of trust. Third, to meet the most basic user needs. In the most basic human needs are met, one of the highest level of self-realization is, that wish to share valuable information with others. Whether it is social, respected, or self-realization, microblogging is to meet every desire of a very primitive, so this is why today’s micro-blog so successful. Today, the Internet presents the development of four major trends: localization, mobility, socialization, and real-time. Some people say that Facebook today’s market value to 400 billion U.S. dollars, is because it has a huge 500 million people in the social circle, which is its greatest value. And just as facebook opened their platform for developers to get the most valuable resource, Sina microblogging also opened such a platform. Therefore, we must not to micro-blog as just a website, in fact, it was more like an Internet protocol. Today’s Sina microblogging content of the website is only a mode of presentation, more creative way and present the application to rely on developers to do.

I believe that microblogging can create a lot of commercial value, including the promotion of e-commerce, including business-class services. Finally, I want to give the developer’s proposal is just the beginning today, many micro-blog is relatively high-end users of the user. The future of micro-Borken will get more users, we must think about who our users. In addition, a large microblogging open platform, we have many opportunities, but there are many temptations, we must not use such a platform to do bad things, such as negative public relations and so on.

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