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Prop 19  After high political drama finally California government have declined to accept the proposition to bring recreational marijuana in to the California state. The numbers of votes supporting the Prop 19 dropped to a major extend when as it was expected previously and it managed to gain only 42.2 percent of the total votes. However the number of votes which were opposing not to bring them into act climb up to 53.8 percent making it no way to pass the Prop 19 to legalize.

The Regulate, Control, & Tax Cannabis Act, or Prop 19 in the California midterm elections ballot might have permitted the adults above age of 21 could make use of the marijuana and use them in any of the non-public places. Meanwhile the number of voters opposing to bring the rule into practice has gained the upper hands which marked a halt to the Prop 19 from coming into the state of California. If the state has accepted the Prop 19 then it would have been the first state to allow recreational use of marijuana in United States.

People who were opposing to bring the Prop 19 into act said that if it comes into existence then it could relatively increase the marijuana users all over the state and major increase in the cannabis addiction, and other related accidents in the road by use of them. AS a result of more accidents it could add up further expanses for the government of the state regarding in providing higher emergency room admissions.

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