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To get a good job, it is very necessary for a person to have very effective resume writing skill. Resume acts as a mirror image of the person to the interviewer, so it should be very carefully written. The resume must give clear picture of person’s skills, qualification and experience. Here are some tips to your resume help:

1. First of all decide the objective of resume and then structure the content of resume. If you don’t decide the objective then your resume will look unfocused.

2. Your resume is a marketing tool for you and you must include all your key features in it. Tell the employer that you are unique from other candidates and have all the capabilities to get the job.

3. Use bullets to make small sentences and try not to make lengthy paragraphs. Bulleted format makes the resume easy to read.

4. Try to start your bulleted sentences with action words like prepared, monitored, developed, presented, etc. These action words will give life to your resume.

5. As the interviewer will look your resume only for 30 seconds, so list your strongest points in starting.

6. Always add positive points in the resume and leave the negative points. For example if some of your duties in the current job are not matching your job search objective then you should not write that points.

7. Limit your resume to 1-2 pages and use font size between 10 and 12. Leave enough white space in the resume.

You can make your resume very effective by following the above points.

2 Responses to “Resume help: Resume writing tips”

  1. Indeed, using bullets is a good idea. The ones reading the resumes that the people pass is bombarded with so many resumes so, using bullets is a good idea to make it short to help the employers. Thanks!

  2. Resume is an art and resume reflects your personality so keep it well……