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Sony WalkmanSony Walkman is almost dead in Japan. Sony Japan on Monday came up with an announcement that they are about to curtail down the production of most honored audio cassette played which came into existence right from 1979. Sony Walkman was the first to lay the platform to the people to turn their attention much over to music when first walkman emerged in the market in 1979.

Sony in its statement said that In spite of its termination in its born country, the walkman will still remain existing in the markets of US, Asia and in Europe, whereas the production will continue right from China.

Picking up the spot of the Walkman in Sony’s pecking order of music player is Discman, which dominated the market much similar like the Sony Walkman and later it became the predecessor. However Discman has lost its fame after the out break of several advanced music players inside the market such as omnipresent iPod and other major products from other rivals.

The Walkman was brought into the light of the world in 1978 by Nobutoshi Kihara of Sony. This was crafted in order to reply to the firm Co-chairman Akio Morita’s who later asked to make it as a music player rather than having as a recorder. For more than couple of decades Sony’s Walkman has been dominating in the market of music players earning millions of dollars for the company which slowly declined its market after the out break of serious of digital players led by the iPod in the 2000s.

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