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Teenager recovery from depression last for short duration of timeAccording to the recent study studied by US researchers said that most depressed or dishearted adults and teenagers who often undergo treatment for the anxiety via drugs or other medical related aid will get some sort of relief for the time being but the condition could get worsen for many after five years. Researchers have also added that the condition is quite worsening when it is for women. John Curry who is representing this study said in a statement “We have to keenly analyze and notify why women in the teenage has more potential of descending soon after recovering”.

The study was conducted among nearly 86 depressed men and 110 depressed females of age between 12 to 17 years of old and they all were asked to undergo nearly 4 short term treatments to analyze their levels. They all have been keenly followed up for 5 years and it has been found that about all nearly 95% of those who attended the study have recovered from their initial depression, and also found that 88.3% who have recovered soon within couple of years from their initial depression.

But out of 189 teenagers who have been analyzed nearly 88 had gained another major depression in their life within the next five years making the depression level even much more. It has been found that females are facing major impact in their life as a result of depression and the number of females affected is 57% who is possessing a relapse and this is slight much higher when compared with that of the males who posses 33%.

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