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If you’re in the cosmetic surgery industry, you’ll be well aware of a few business issues that have to be nailed down from Day One- Service provision, training and costs. These things do not go away. Laser machines can also have very heavy workloads, and everything in a cosmetic surgery clinic has to run like clockwork.

The business issues with laser equipment

The primary issue with laser equipment, as usual with any business, is upfront cost relative to revenue. That can create issues for some clinics, particularly startups, because the dollar values can be pretty intimidating when you don’t have a clear cashflow and are looking at premises rental, etc.

The short answer to this problem is to look for options based on your business plan. It is quite possible to get excellent quality laser acne treatment equipment or laser hair removal equipment without buying brand new, top-dollar machines.

Note: Do not talk yourself into excessive outlays if you’re a startup. It can put holes in your balance sheet before you start.

The second big issue is training, and this has to be done thoroughly, with no doubt whatsoever about treatment outcomes. There’s a real risk of having to spend time and money correcting issues caused by inadequate or inept treatment, which is neither cost effective nor productive.

The third issue which crops up regularly particularly if you’re using the new generation laser equipment and aren’t familiar with all the systems, is technical support. It is absolutely essential to be able to get technical support whenever you need it.

The final issue is maintenance. Clinics need to have:

  • Regular service of equipment (These are mainly calibration issues, but there are also often “wear and tear” situations with hard working machines.)
  • No-fuss replacements when machines need to be taken for servicing. This eliminates any need for rescheduling appointments and prevents the workload getting piled on to your other equipment. It’s the efficient option.

How to get your equipment on the right cost base

There are multiple options for obtaining top quality laser equipment like the Candela range and other brand leaders.

These are the basic options:

  • Purchase: Appropriate for established clinics as asset purchases, and these purchases should come with the best practice options of built-in support, training and maintenance arrangements.
  • Second hand equipment: A far better option than the “second hand” description suggests. Reconditioned laser equipment is a good lower cost option, and usually comes with the best practice support and training features as well from reputable suppliers.
  • Leasing: This is a great solution for startups. The cost is low, you get top brand laser machines, and you get the training and support functions from the best suppliers.

The best solution is the one that supports the balance sheet and doesn’t impose extra costs on the budget. There’s absolutely no need to spend a fortune to get best equipment, even if you’re purchasing outright.

Stick to your business game plan, talk to the suppliers, and go for value. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what’s available.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Laser machines .

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