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This documentary has critically captured the picture of the systems of education across the country in a very entertaining thrilling and enlightening manner. Although most critics claim that by trying to expose what in their minds is the real picture on the ground doesn’t help solve the problem.

The kind of influence it has manifested in the minds of its viewers is not far from what the authorities have seemed to do. The highly endowed movie among its fans Waiting for Superman induces mixed feelings to any audience. There are those who feel rage and those who feel completely delighted. It to an extent manages to ridicule how schools have made it their prime objective in imparting white collar minds in their subjects for a future that is a technology- based world.

What really captures the attention of many viewers is the introduction of the five students. The students, from different schools across the country, display despair and determination in their quest for a better future. The movie therefore manages to bring out the idea that good education standards don’t necessarily require investing lot of money in the education systems. It tries to argue that education can simply be made better by making it available and accessible to avoid school dropouts,

Although the movie successfully portrays some aspects of education very clearly and relevantly, it takes a second thought to get the deep interpretations of some themes lest you judge negatively. By suggesting that provision of good education is not simple but if some things are done right it’s possible, the makers imply that something is just not being done or someone is not thinking objectively. It shows that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

On second thought, though superman doesn’t seem to set the simple solutions that he is expected to by the audience, this to an extent leaves one wondering why could you point out problems and miss to sort them out at the end of the day. Even if the audience may develop the feeling that was a weakness, the movie serves its purpose exposing the ills in the system among other themes.

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