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Qantas AirwaysTwo Jumbos flights Qantas Airways and Singapore Airlines which have been suspected of engine failures have been imposed to land quickly in Singapore. According to the reports it is said that certain passengers heard a loud noise before the flight take off as the debris of the plane broke down in the ground. However it was a lucky escape for all the 459 passengers who were on the plane and none where injured in the incident said the authorities of the airport. Moreover a major air accident has been avoided as it has been landed immediately. Qantas Airways is known as the world largest passenger plane in three years of commercial flight

Meanwhile Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce who said to the media that it was a major engine failure and it was very lucky that it didn’t met with any accident while on the board. Qantas A380s features Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines and officials said that they are dealing with the issues and will come up with the exact report of the failure within couple of days.

On other hand adding up more pressure to the air flight engine failure another flight of Singapore airlines also was landed immediately which was about to fly to Singapore to Sydney. The A380′s of Singapore airlines faced a major engine problem a few minutes before the take off. This also run in Roll-Royce engine. Many passengers said that they witnessed few parts of engine fall off in the ground. Singapore Airlines said it will delay all flights on its A380 fleet pending precautionary checks recommended by Airbus and Rolls-Royce.

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