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Warehousing is now part of supply chain science, and the best shelving systems contribute to supply chain efficiency. The best systems are the new pallet racking systems, which are fully customizable to site requirements. These shelving systems dovetail with the most demanding and complex integrated management setups with ease.

Shelving issues and integrated management

If you’ve got stock and handling issues which include large numbers of different items for handling, you’ll know these problems, probably too well-

  • Complex ordering requirements and a storage system that won’t play ball
  • Shelving that provides a “take it or leave it” series of options for managing stock
  • Auto picking systems which are hitting their use-by date in terms of business requirements
  • Access, stock movement and space issues
  • Loading and unloading productivity problems from the far ends of the storage areas
  • A shelving system that allows quick and easy processing of inventory and ordering issues without the “Where’s the widgets?” factor and ad hoc storage “solutions”.

These are the standard, sometimes infuriating, and always expensive problems faced by most warehousing operations at some point. Integrated management systems are stuck with the ramifications of physical storage, meaning they can’t operate as efficiently as they’re intended to do.

The cost factor is extremely important here. These problems can absorb hours of time per day, simply in the process of daily business. They can also create ongoing space management issues, particularly if you’re having to reshuffle stock to deal with space constraints.

Best practice shelving for integrated management

The real solution to all these problems is better storage design, and that’s exactly what these new shelving systems provide:

  • Customized, task-specific storage: This means you’re no longer faced with the typical space management issues for different materials, to start with. Any type of materials can be stored on pallet racks.
  • Easy access: The pallet racks are designed for maximum handling efficiency. Whether you’re using an auto picking system, forklifts or manual picking, the pallet racks can do any type of job. This drastically improves productivity and traffic management for load movements.
  • Best use of available space: The huge advantage of the new shelving systems is that customization includes full design capabilities. These systems can actually create space, as well as improving efficiency.
  • Integrated-management friendly storage: The customized access and handling benefits include a range of much better general management features. Instead of the “take it or leave it” storage problems, you can have dedicated space management for all your materials to create simple, quick and easy to use bar coding, stocktaking and other operations.

Benefits and savings

The benefits and savings of better storage form quite a long list, but here are the basics:

  • Improved productivity
  • Better quality operational cost efficiencies
  • Value-added handling
  • Enhanced stock management at all stages of handling
  • Better order turnaround times
  • Better inventory management

Every aspect of integrated management can be helped by these new storage systems. If you’re looking for options or upgrading your present systems, start by checking out the possibilities of pallet racking, in particular. You’ll never need to spend another second with storage problems.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including pallet racking.


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